Case Study

California Statewide Travel Demand Model

Into Cube Cloud

Client: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Caltrans has a large, complex and sophisticated statewide travel demand model. They need to share the model statewide — with MPOs, DOT district offices and partner agencies — a group that could easily exceed 100+ users. Caltrans wanted a method that was highly secure, efficient, and would allow multiple runs in parallel.

This project imported the California Statewide Travel Demand Model (CSTDM) into Cube Cloud and provides a hosted environment where model users can access the model through customized interface protocols developed as part of this project.

Caltrans is now able to share their model and analysis with stakeholders, allowing their data and results to be easily incorporated into a multitude of government and private sector analyses.

Project Research & Development

A large cross section of potential users of the CSTDM were contacted and interviewed to determine their potential usage characteristics and data requirements. This information was used in the development of the user interfaces presented to model users when they access the CSTDM via Cube Cloud.

Testing & Application Delivery

As part of uploading the model to the cloud, the model was benchmark tested and then optimized for run-time performance in Cube Cloud. In addition, the model was reviewed and optimized from a data-load perspective to minimize the total output data required to be maintained. Once the model was operational in Cube Cloud, tutorials and user guides were delivered to the client, and training was conducted.

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