What’s New in Cube Dynasim? Version 6.11 Now Available

Cube Dynasim is the only scenario-based microscopic simulation for all aspects of traffic operations and parking. This affordable solution is offered as a separate module and is completely integrated with the Cube modeling suite.

Recently released, Dynasim version 6.11 includes many new features including:

  • Reduced computation time and minimize file sizes
  • Enhanced interface and ability to manage and run multiple scenarios and multi-tasks
  • The ability to share settings amongst different projects has been further enhanced
  • New types of flow scenarios included
  • Advanced options have been included to modify path flow estimation before assignment
  • New types of counts have been included, together with new editing feature for counts data
  • Enhanced capabilities for importing and editing signal scenarios through graphic interface
  • Ability to establish a complete connection between the client and the Urban Traffic Control System “Utopia”
  • Public Transport simulation is now improved, with more functionalities for transit stops and rail simulation
  • New features for more accurate parking simulation; the ability to simulate drivers leaving the parking lot after they have failed to find a space

Download Dynasim version 6.11 and the Dynasim Manual (included in the Zip file) for details about these and other features of version 6.11.

Visit the Cube Dynasim product page to learn more about how Dynasim can help with your traffic simulation and parking analysis.


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