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Advanced methods for transportation modeling

A transportation model is the instrument to support decisions when planning and designing transportation systems. Cube Voyager is the most powerful tool providing advanced methods for transportation modelling: urban, regional and long distance demand forecasting and assignment. Suitable for the beginner and expert user alike.


Cube Voyager uses a modular and script-based structure allowing the incorporation of any model methodology, such as:

Simple trip based models

Cube Voyager includes easy-to-use templates and modules for developing standard four-step travel demand models (trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, and assignment).

Advanced trip based models

Trip-based models often include more complex capabilities, such as components for auto ownership, time of day choice, and feedback loops. Cube Voyager provides tools which are tailored for designing and applying sophisticated methods without using external programs.

Tour and activity based models

Cube Voyager scripting provides the flexibility to develop and apply complete tour- and activity-based models. Many activity-based models programmed in external software applications have also been integrated into comprehensive Cube models.

custom applications

Cube Voyager scripting has been used to create tools for their own needs. Users have developed custom scripts for computing highway capacities, allocating land use data, processing travel surveys, GIS geoprocessing, and many other creative applications.

Advanced methodologies provide junction-based capacity restraint for highway analysis and discrete choice multipath transit pathbuilding and assignment.

Cube Voyager includes highly flexible network and matrix calculators for the conversion of almost any file format, processing of input and output data, calculation of travel demand and detailed comparison of scenarios.

Compatible with Cube analyst, avenue, land and cargo

Key Benefits

Every model requires different approaches and ad-hoc procedures to be able to replicate actual scenarios and obtain reliable forecasts. In this perspective, black-boxes software are "low capability" tools… The key benefit of using Cube Voyager is its flexibility in allowing users to design their modelling process at customized levels of detail through a user-friendly interface:

  • Availability of easy-to-use templates with pre-built processes.
  • Open process management, through a clear flow-chart process structure. This makes simple methodologies with any level of complexity, within a step-by-step approach.
  • High programming flexibility with its own comprehensive scripting language.
  • Easily designed with drag and drop functionality and interactive scenario editing and management capability.

Data Formats & Modelling Programs

Zonal data, record data, matrices and networks of almost any format can be processed in Voyager.

Cube Voyager exploits the availability of a complete transportation GIS based on ESRI’s leading technology dealing directly with geodatabases and shape files. Voyager has also its own binary formats for the main “ingredients” of the model, allowing storing large data in light files for faster processing.

The Network program is specifically designed for building, comparing and manipulating transportation networks.

Demand modelling main programs are Matrix, Generation, Distribution and Fratar. The Matrix program is an extremely powerful calculator itself, designed for demand modelling and matrix manipulation, but also any type of record processing task.

Highway is a robust program used to estimate zone-to-zone paths, for skimming and assignment of highway networks, through a variety of deterministic and stochastic algorithms.

Public Transport provides advanced functionalities for the analysis of any public transport system. Transit services are coded as running in mixed traffic or on dedicated facilities. Users may represent service levels using either headways or public transit timetables. Voyager provides methods to represent complex fare structures and for modelling public transit capacity restraint.

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