Data Driven Transit Planning, Operations & Reporting

Unique platform connecting management, operators and planners for end-to-end public transportation optimization.

As a transit manager, operator or planner, you are tasked with monitoring and predicting performance, operations and budget, which typically involves manually intensive processes and guess work. Are you looking for ways to save time, money and improve forecasting and reporting accuracy?

Flow Engine

By reconstructing and analyzing fare card data and GPS traces with Citilabs' data expansion capabilities, a complete digital representation is produced that shows every vehicle and every trip- even from partial data.

Scenario Planning

Test and visualize short-range for optimizing operations over weeks and months, and effectively plan for long-range improvements to public transit infrastructure and operations.

Performance Metrics

Improved forecasting capabilities and a full understanding of system performance are the result of combining different transit data pieces. Track and visualize these very metrics with Flow.

The Flow platform delivers a complete system for monitoring and predicting transit system performance, enabling better planning and operations decisions.

Citilabs provides proven methodologies for accurately expanding sparse sensor data to replicate today's passenger movements and for forecasting travel into the future. Flow's platform monitors and emulates the movement of passengers and vehicles, creating a complete digital replica of the current and forecasted condition. This exclusive platform removes manual many processes and provides transit managers, operators and planners with unprecedented visibility into their transit system.

Making Your Job Easier

Get to know the meaning of the billions of trips in your system

Get a high-level overview of system performance over time, gaining a more accurate picture of the commuter experience for better planning and reporting.

View trends by time, route, and commuter flows

See effects of events or system changes and improve your short- and long-term plans

Understand commuter densities by route and time of day across the city

See where and when commuters travel to make schedule improvements